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Our Huntsville, AL location is 4800 Cottonwood Dr. NW.  You can also pay a travel fee for us to come to you! To Book an appointment, Please call 256-434-3423, or click the Book now button. You will only be charged a $15 deposit, and you will be contacted to set up appointment. 

Walk-ins are welcome Monday-Thursday 10a-2p only. 

Become a Precious Looks Member for EXCLUSIVE RATES!!!  

*Consultations are $15. During your consultation you will be given an overview of the journey needed to reach your ultimate goal. By the end of your consultation, you should know what to expect, how many sessions will be needed, and have sessions scheduled, with an idea of a meal plan as well. 

**Deposit for a session is $15. Deposits are non-refundable, and can not be rescheduled. NO deposit, NO appointment. 

***Traveling fee is required for us to come to you and render services. The traveling fee depends on the distance we have to travel. The travel fee starts at $15. Travel fee is due with deposit. 

****Please wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. Drink plenty of water each day before and after your appointment. Do not eat heavy at least 3 hours before your appointment. 

*****Gift Cards are available for purchase beginning June 1st.!



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